A+ energy efficiency labels will be ditched

(EurActiv, 1 Jul 2015) The European Commission will revamp its energy labelling system for refrigerators and televisions, ditch confusing grades that range from A+++ to G, and return to a clear A-G scale.

Documents obtained by EurActiv showed that the red to green colour scheme will be kept and that grades would be rescaled every decade.

The Commission plans to launch the revised Energy Labelling Directive on 15 July. As well as fridges and TVs, 10 other goods, mostly white goods such as dishwashers, are covered.

The original grades were launched to boost energy efficiency and stimulate competition and development of more environmentally friendly products. But most products today fit into the green A class, which lead to the creation of A+. A++ and A+++ rankings in 2010.

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EurActiv, 1 Jul 2015: A+ energy efficiency labels will be ditched