Germany publishes 30-year climate change strategy

(Climate Home, 8 Sep 2016) Berlin delivers new decarbonisation proposal but lack of detail on coal phaseout and electric cars anger green groups.

Environmental organisations have responded to a government proposal to decarbonise the economy with outrage.

They say the Climate Action Plan 2050 will fall well short of meeting climate targets, and accuse the environment ministry of caving in to pressure from the economics ministry and Angela Merkel’s Chancellery to water down ambitious plans and drop important details, like a deadline for the coal exit.

The final version of the German Environment Ministry’s Climate Action Plan has been published . But concrete targets included in previous drafts have been removed, prompting the Green Party to describe the document as an “admission of government failure”.

The Climate Action Plan was announced at the Paris Climate Summit as a framework for how Germany was to reach its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95 percent by 2050 .

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