NGOs criticise the Juncker Plan’s green credentials

(EurActiv, 30 Sep 2016) 5% of Juncker Plan funding supports fossil fuel projects, according to a report by group of NGOs, which raises serious questions about the investment plan’s consistency with the EU’s climate objectives. EurActiv France reports.

The report skewered Europe’s flagship investment programme for not doing enough to support the EU’s fight against climate change.

Launched in the wake of Jean-Claude Juncker’s nomination as head of the European Commission in 2015, the €21 billion plan is designed to provide guarantees for projects linked to the environment, infrastructure, innovation and SMEs in Europe, with the aim of mobilising €315bn of investment by 2018.

Climate goals

The question of climate change features in the mission statement of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the Juncker Plan’s financial launch pad. The “EFSI should support projects in accordance with the Union’s energy, climate and efficiency targets,” the EFSI regulation states.

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EurActiv, 30 Sep 2016: NGOs criticise the Juncker Plan’s green credentials