eceee welcomes Parliament support for binding 40% energy efficiency target for 2030

(29 Nov 2017) eceee Press Release – eceee welcomes the vote of the European Parliament’s Industry and Energy Committee (ITRE) in favour of a binding 40% energy efficiency 2030 target and the intention to strengthen the annual savings obligation in Article 7. It is a strong signal ahead of negotiations with the Council, which is reluctant to commit to any target, despite energy efficiency being the “First Fuel” for jobs, economy energy security and climate mitigation.

Tuesday morning, ITRE MEPs showed their support for the future of strong and consistent energy efficiency policies, by voting in favour of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) Report with 33 votes in favour.

“We are relieved to see the ITRE MEPs committed to a binding 40% energy efficiency target for 2030”, said Nils Borg, Executive Director for eceee. “We are also happy to see ITRE MEPs coming out in support of national targets. A 40% binding energy efficiency target for 2030 would help bring out the potential benefits of energy efficiency in the European economy.”

The ITRE position also support the annual 1.5% savings obligation in Article 7, which is crucial for the buildings sector. Loopholes would be eliminated, while keeping sufficient flexibility for Member States to implement those provisions in a way that is most suited to their national circumstances.

“eceee has not had time to review all details in the adopted EED report”, said Nils Borg. “ But we still think the savings target has to be increased and Article 7, which is one of the main delivery mechanisms, has to be strengthened if EU shall be on track to deliver on the Paris Agreement.”

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