Carmakers slam Spanish climate law as ‘excessive and rushed’

(Climate Change News, 14 Nov 2018) Manufacturers say ban on diesel and petrol cars is against EU neutrality principles, setting up battle to clean up Europe’s second-largest auto-industry.

The Spanish car lobby has hit back at the draft of the country’s first climate law published on Tuesday, which proposes to ban the sale and registration of lighter diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040.

In a three-page rebuke issued on Tuesday evening, the Spanish Association of Car and Lorry Manufacturers (Anfac) said the law was “excessive and rushed”.

“This means a direct ban on the marketing of diesel, petrol, CNG and LPG vehicles and hybrids of all types,” the statement read. “In practice, this means going against the principle of technological neutrality defended to the maximum by the European Union.”

Anfac also lamented that the objectives surpassed those of the European Union, which is currently negotiating a 30 to 40% reduction in CO2 emissions from vehicles by 2030.

“The association,” it said, “does not understand why more severe measures are introduced for a country like Spain when the European objectives already set a very ambitious path towards zero and low-emissions mobility.”

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Climate Change News, 14 Nov 2018: Carmakers slam Spanish climate law as ‘excessive and rushed’