New assessment and development platform to boost industrial efficiency and renewables projects

(eceee news, 13 Dec 2018) The TrustEE project, funded through the European Union Horizon 2020 programme, recently launched a new platform to streamline development of industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The platform streamlines project assessment and help developers optimise measures, while positioning projects for viable financing.

Growing investor demand for “green projects and markets” is one of the stated starting points for the TrustEE project. This can translate into significant business growth for industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy solution providers.

However, several hurdles stand in the way of scaled-up project pipelines. Line of credit limitations and gaps in guarantee programmes hamper smaller and medium sized (SME) project developers. Meanwhile, a lack of standards and tools to analyse project performance and address technical and credit-related risks inflates financing costs. Together these factors put the brakes on project development.

“In addition to lowering project development costs, the TrustEE Platform paves the way for quicker re-payment,” explains Christoph Brunner of AEE INTEC, the TrustEE consortium project manager. “Solution providers use the platform to propose projects, and receive an independent, standardised and automated technical and economic assessment. This way all parties – project developers, technology suppliers, industry owners, and investors – can be assured that projects meet industry best practice standards.”

A springboard to grow business

The Platform, which is hosted by Fraunhofer ISE in Germany, is designed to quickly assess industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions (including solar thermal, biomass and biogas).

After determining that a project is eligible, project developers and technology suppliers receive optimisation support and TrustEE partners prepare projects for future re-financing.

How do project developers get started?

  • The first step is for solution providers to establish an account on the TrustEE Platform and propose a project. For each project submitted, providers receive a standardised, independent economic and technical assessment.
  • Technically and economically sound and well-designed solutions, which meet established TrustEE economic and technical criteria, are then approved and expert consultation is offered to identify optimisation opportunities. In addition, risk management support is integrated to address technical and credit risks if needed, with instruments such as guarantee vehicles or insurance.
  • After project approval, TrustEE partners work with the solution provider to secure viable project re-financing. The re-financing process will be accomplished through a separate TrustEE–sponsored company, which is a Securitization Vehicle based in Luxembourg.

While the platform currently covers industrial process heating solutions, including waste heat recovery, biomass, biogas, and solar thermal, the ambition of TrustEE is to expand to other technologies in the future. This expansion could cover efficient solutions for industrial systems and building applications, including technologies such as heat pumps.

More information

Companies and others interested in developing industrial projects can set up accounts on the TrustEE Platform, hosted by Fraunhofer ISE at . Additional information about the TrustEE project can be found at here, or by contacting the TrustEE partners at: