The Global Cooling Prize – open for application

(eceee news, 7 Dec 2018) Prize for best climate-friendly residential cooling solution will award a total of USD 3 million to innovative and affordable solutions to cool homes around the world.

The Global Cooling Prize will award $3 million in prizes to residential cooling solutions that will have at least five times less climate impact than today’s standard residential AC units. This technology could prevent up to 100 gigatons (GT) of CO2-equivalent emissions by 2050, and mitigate up to 0.5˚C of global warming by 2100.

The Global Cooling Prize is an innovation competition to develop a climate-friendly residential cooling solution that can provide affordable access to cooling to people around the world while minimising the climate impact. The competition aims at avoiding 5900 TWh global electricity demand by 2050.

The price was launched by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon'ble Union Minister of Science and Technology, Environment, Forest, Climate Change and Earth Sciences, Government of India in New Delhi in November.

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