Boris Johnson urged to challenge Trump on climate denial

(The Guardian, 2 Dec 2019) 350 experts call on PM to address president’s ‘dangerous’ and ‘irresponsible’ claims.

Boris Johnson is being urged by 350 leading climate researchers to robustly challenge Donald Trump on his “dangerous” and “irresponsible” denial of the risks of climate change during the US president’s visit to the UK this week.

Putting the prime minister under more pressure over his stance on global heating, leading academics involved in climate research said he must try to persuade Trump to take strong domestic and international action.

Johnson – who declined to take part in the first ever UK general election climate debate last week – will meet Trump during his three-day visit for the Nato leaders’ meeting.

In a letter to Johnson, the academics said Trump’s “unscientific denial” of the risks of climate change was harming lives, making the world a more dangerous place and threatening the prosperity and safety of future generations.

“We urge you to challenge President Trump about his irresponsible approach to climate change, and seek to persuade him to take strong domestic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to join coordinated international action including the Paris agreement,” they wrote.

The UK is due to host the a major UN climate summit next year – a meeting which is absolutely vital to international efforts to avoid dangerous climate change, the academics said.

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The Guardian, 2 Dec 2019: Boris Johnson urged to challenge Trump on climate denial