Climate change: What next for saving the planet?

(BBC News, 1 Apr 2019) Like superheroes, their job is to save the planet and this week 180 climate scientists are meeting in Edinburgh to plan their next move.

To be technical, they are Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - but clearly that doesn't sound so exciting.

Six months ago, the IPCC warned the world that "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented" changes were needed if the climate crisis was to be tackled effectively.

Those same scientists will this week begin the next phase of that work in Scotland's capital.

Co-chair, Prof Jim Skea, who is originally from Dundee, said: "Our ambition is to equip governments with the information they need to act now, keeping in mind the goals of the Paris Agreement and national ambitions to achieve net zero emissions."

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BBC News, 1 Apr 2019: Climate change: What next for saving the planet?