Demands grow for ‘global justice’ on climate damage at UN talks

(Eco Business, 28 Nov 2019) Funding to cover the losses poor nations are suffering from more extreme weather and rising seas will be high on the agenda at U.N. conference in Madrid.

Droughts, floods and storms are nothing new to poor communities in Mozambique - but in recent years, the weather has become so extreme that neither the people nor the state can cope, said an international charity head in the southeast African nation.

After two powerful cyclones battered swathes of the country in March and April, its north now faces floods, while the south struggles with drought, said Gaspar Sitefane, Mozambique director for ActionAid.

In some inland areas hit by the fierce storms, which swamped fields and destroyed homes, people now risk dying of hunger, he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, calling on climate change negotiators meeting in Madrid next week to act fast to help.

“If we are not able to get funding specifically for this (climate stress)… the government will be forced to get loans or increase the taxes the public should pay, and it will also create a cycle of poverty because the country will not improve,” Sitefane warned from the storm-ravaged city of Pemba.

ActionAid and scores of other green and development groups want this year’s U.N. climate change talks to agree to set up a fund to bail out countries on the frontline of “loss and damage” as a hotter planet brings wilder weather and rising seas.

Sven Harmeling, who leads on climate change policy for aid agency CARE International, said U.N. science reports in the past year had made clear that worsening damage will happen.

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Eco Business, 28 Nov 2019: Demands grow for ‘global justice’ on climate damage at UN talks