EU nations are living far beyond the Earth’s means, WWF warns

(EurActiv, 9 May 2019) The European Union’s 28 countries consume the Earth’s resources much faster than they can be renewed, and none of them has sustainable consumption policies, a report released on Thursday said, as EU leaders meet to discuss priorities for the next five years.

“All EU countries are living beyond the means of our planet.

“The EU and its citizens are currently using twice more than the EU ecosystems can renew,” the report by the World Wide Fund (WWF) and Global Footprint Network said.

The report comes as EU leaders gather in the Romanian town of Sibiu to set the course for the bloc after Britain leaves later this year.

Climate protection is among the priorities. But views on concrete action differ between countries, influenced greatly by their dominant industries.

“The EU uses up almost 20% of the Earth’s bio-capacity although it comprises only 7% of the world population,” the report said.

“In other words, 2.8 planets would be needed if everyone consumed at the rate of the average EU resident. This is well above the world average which is approximately 1.7 planets,” it said.

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EurActiv, 9 May 2019: EU nations are living far beyond the Earth’s means, WWF warns