First 100% electric black cab for 120 years launches in London

(The Guardian, 23 Oct 2019) Converted Nissan van called the Dynamo licensed to help clean up capital’s ‘filthy air’.

The launch of a fully electric black cab for London has been hailed by the mayor for helping clean up the capital’s polluted air.

The Dynamo, a taxi converted from a Nissan electric van in a Coventry factory, is the first 100% electric taxi on the streets of London since 1899. Its predecessor, the Bersey, failed to take off at a time when most cabs were horse-drawn.

Only two vehicle types – both zero-emissions capable – can be issued with new Transport for London (TfL) taxi licences.

About 2,450 hybrid-electric cabs made by the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) have been licensed for operation in the capital since its introduction in January 2018. The LEVC model runs on a battery for about 70 miles, with a petrol engine “range extender” for use outside central London capable of up to 400 miles.

The Dynamo Taxi, based on the Nissan e-NV200 Evalia, has a range of up to 187 miles from a single charge. It costs £55,495, but drivers will be able to claim a £7,500 government grant for electric cars against the price.

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The Guardian, 23 Oct 2019: First 100% electric black cab for 120 years launches in London