France to impose green tax on plane tickets

(EurActiv, 10 Jul 2019) France announced Tuesday (9 July) it would impose new taxes on plane tickets of up to €18 per flight, joining other EU states seeking to limit the environmental impact of air travel.

The government said that the funds from tickets for flights originating in France would be used to create less-polluting transport options as concerns grow about carbon emissions from planes.

The move, which will take effect from 2020, will see a tax of €1.5 ($1.7) imposed on economy-class tickets on internal flights and those within Europe, Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne said.

It will rise to €9 for within the European Union in business class, €3 outside the EU in economy class and a maximum €18 for flights outside the European Union in business class, she added.

The new measure is expected to bring in some €180 million a year which will be invested in greener transport infrastructure, notably rail, she said.

“France is committed to the taxation of air transport but there is an urgency here,” she said.

It will only be applied on outgoing flights and not those flying into the country, Borne added.

Flights to the French Mediterranean island of Corsica and also the French overseas departments – which are hugely dependent on air links for their existence – will be exempt, she said.

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EurActiv, 10 Jul 2019: France to impose green tax on plane tickets