Google meets Commission to discuss data access in energy markets

(EurActiv, 9 Apr 2019) Google’s global chief for Energy Market Development will on Tuesday (9 April) meet with senior European Commission officials to stress the importance of data access in the digital transformation of the energy sector, as stricter EU rules entered into force last December.

Google’s Michael Terrell requested a meeting with the Commission’s director-general of energy, Dominique Ristori, EU officials confirmed to

The tech giant will update the Commission on the progress made on the digitalisation in the sector. But the EU executive also expects to discuss clean energy transition, including the Clean Energy Package, an EU official added.

The package, wrapped up last year, enables everybody to participate in the energy transition by producing their own renewable energy and feeding it into the grid. That is why data will be key in supporting the transition towards a greener energy market.

In order to address European consumers’ concerns in regards to their data, the package also strengthened their rights with new rules on data management and data protection in the context of the digitisation of the energy sector.

Google is particularly interested in discussing data access and interoperability when it comes to the digitisation of the energy industry, another EU official said.

The Commission wants to highlight the importance of transparent information flows and non-discriminatory data access when companies implement the clean energy package.

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EurActiv, 9 Apr 2019: Google meets Commission to discuss data access in energy markets