IEA develops pathway to ambitious 1.5C climate goal

(Climate Change News, 11 Jun 2019) Under pressure, the International Energy Agency has started work on a scenario in line with the stretch target of the Paris Agreement for its influential outlook.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is developing a scenario for holding global warming below 1.5C that could be included in its influential annual outlook this year.

The agency’s World Energy Outlook (WEO) came under fire in an April letter from business leaders, scientists and campaigners for not considering the tougher temperature goal of the Paris Agreement.

Since the letter, the IEA has canvassed outside experts on a new, 1.5C-compatible model. They include Joeri Rogelj, a scientist at Imperial College and lead author on a recent UN report on 1.5C warming.

He said there was “genuine interest” at the IEA and – in his view – the agency “definitely intend” to produce a new scenario.

Rogelj, a signatory of the April letter, said two options were being considered at the time he was consulted by the IEA. The first was a full pathway to reach global net zero emissions on a timeline that would fit with 1.5C.

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Climate Change News, 11 Jun 2019: IEA develops pathway to ambitious 1.5C climate goal