Londoners support charging 'dirty' drivers, says air pollution study

(The Guardian, 8 Apr 2019) Survey reveals backing for emissions charging to tackle air pollution and congestion.

Almost three-quarters of Londoners support charging drivers of dirty vehicles in an effort to tackle the capital’s air pollution crisis, according to a study.

The survey, released on the day the mayor, Sadiq Khan, launches his ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ), found that 72% of adults in London support emissions charging to tackle both air pollution and congestion.

The poll by YouGov for the business campaign group London First comes as residents and families in the capital get used to the introduction of the scheme, which is designed to keep the dirtiest vehicles out of central London.

Diesel vehicles that do not meet Euro 6 standards and petrol vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 standards must pay £12.50 a day or face a fine.

Parents Isabele Adamson, 27, and Nick Adamson, 31, welcomed the charge. Buying lunch in Borough Market with their nine-month-old son hours after the measures came into effect, they admitted to having serious concerns about air pollution and the impact on their child.

“My husband has asthma, so we’re really concerned about Arthur developing asthma or his lungs not developing properly,” said Isabele. Although they supported the charge, they believed it was only “a small drop in the bucket” and were keen for the zone to be extended.

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The Guardian, 8 Apr 2019: Londoners support charging 'dirty' drivers, says air pollution study