Neste join forces with Fortum for new clean energy agreement

(Climate Action, 22 Oct 2019) Neste has announced a new long term agreement with Fortum to start using wind power at its production sites in Finland.

Over the past ten years, Neste has transformed from a regional oil refining company into a global leader in renewable fuels and one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

Today, they have committed to lowering their carbon footprint in production ahead of the EU’s climate and energy targets.

As part of this initiative they have signed a new long-term agreement on wind power with leading energy company Fortum.

The 12 year contract will see Neste purchasing approximately 70% of production at the Kalax wind farm, currently under construction in Närpes, Ostrobothnia.

The total capacity of the agreement is more than 60 MW, and the energy produced will correspond to around 20% of the electricity consumption at the Neste Porvoo and Naantali sites. The wind power deliveries are expected to begin in early 2021.

Peter Vanacker, Neste’s President and CEO, said: “In addition to offering renewable and circular solutions to our customers, we are also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our own production. Investments in renewable energy are one part of this. We have been collaborating with Fortum for years and this first wind power agreement will only deepen our partnership.”

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Climate Action, 22 Oct 2019: Neste join forces with Fortum for new clean energy agreement