Nigerian tree planter: Europe, US must help Africa fight climate change

(EurActiv, 13 Sep 2019) In an interview with EURACTIV Germany, Mohammed Baba Baituna, the founder of Green Sahel, spoke about conflicts in his home country Nigeria, where his organisation and other local activists have been trying to cushion the effects of climate change, which are strengthening the jihadist terror group Boko Haram.

Mohammed Baba Baituna, who lives in the town of Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria, founded Green Sahel, which has been planting trees to combat the effects of climate change and desertification,

How are climate change and conflicts interconnected in Nigeria? 

The conflict we are currently experiencing in the Lake Chad region and northeastern Nigeria is primarily caused by climate change.

Fields are yielding less while herds of animals have less land to graze, leading to their deaths. Almost 80% of the people in northeastern Nigeria are farmers or shepherds, and climate change is destroying their livelihoods.

This makes people very receptive to terrorist propaganda.

Besides, an increasing number of shepherds are moving south, where there are more green spaces …

… and the farmers there are not exactly enthusiastic about this.

This triggers severe conflicts between communities, with the main reasons for this, are rising temperatures and unpredictable precipitation.

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EurActiv, 13 Sep 2019: Nigerian tree planter: Europe, US must help Africa fight climate change