‘No future’ for fossil gas in Europe, Greens insist

(EurActiv, 2 Apr 2019) Natural gas of fossil origin has “no future” in Europe, Greens have warned as EU energy ministers prepared to sign a declaration on Tuesday (2 April) supporting “smart gas infrastructure” as part of a low-carbon energy mix for 2050.

The EU’s 28 energy ministers are expected to endorse a political declaration on “Sustainable and Smart Gas Infrastructure for Europe” during an informal meeting in Bucharest on Tuesday (2 April).

Gas industry groups signed the declaration a day before, welcoming Europe’s recognition of the future role of gas in a low-carbon energy system.

“This declaration is a signal that gas will be part of the solution that Europe seeks to meet its energy challenges,” said James Watson, secretary general of Eurogas, an industry association.

But the Greens have denounced those plans, saying they come in “frontal contradiction” with Europe’s climate change commitments under the Paris Agreement.

In a paper published today, they warn that industry pledges to decarbonise gas and promote low-carbon alternatives such as biomethane and hydrogen are an excuse to continue fossil fuel operations.

As part of their policy recommendations, they called on the European Commission to stop using terms such as “green gas” or “decarbonised gas”, saying the term is too vague.

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EurActiv, 2 Apr 2019: ‘No future’ for fossil gas in Europe, Greens insist