Swedes top climate change resisters’ league

(Eco Business, 11 Jan 2019) Some governments take global warming seriously, while others defy the science and virtually ignore it. The climate change resisters’ league names names.

There are countries that are in earnest about the way humans are overheating the planet, the climate change resisters; and there are others that give what is one of the most fundamental problems facing the world only scant attention.

Annually over the past 14 years a group of 350 energy and climate experts from around the globe has drawn up a table reflecting the performance of more than 70 countries in tackling climate change.

Together this group of nations is responsible for more than 90 per cent of total climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

In the just published index looking at developments in 2018, Sweden, Morocco and Lithuania are the top performers in combatting global warming. At the other end of the scale are Iran, the US and—worst performer by a significant margin—Saudi Arabia.

The analysis—called the Climate Change Performance Index, or CCPI—is published by German Watch and the New Climate Institute, both based in Germany, plus the Climate Action Network, which has its headquarters in Lebanon.

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Eco Business, 11 Jan 2019: Swedes top climate change resisters’ league