The climate crisis is our responsibility, not our children’s

(EurActiv, 29 Nov 2019) Many parents are supporting the children who are school striking for the climate, but are they really listening, ask Frida Berry Eklund and Yoca-Arditi Rocha.

Frida Berry Eklund (@klimatfrida) is the founder of climate-parent coalition, Our Kids’ Climate and spokesperson for Swedish climate-parent group, Föräldravrålet. Yoca Arditi-Rocha (@cleoinstitute) is the executive director of US-based organisation, The CLEO Institute. Both are Al Gore trained Climate Reality Leaders.

This year has seen an unprecedented rise of a new group of climate warriors – the youth. For the past year, young people have been taking to the streets every Friday to fight for a secure and liveable future.

Inspired by these actions, more than 7.6 million people from 185 countries took to the streets to demand action during the Global Climate Strike of September 20–27.

And on November 29 – just days before world leaders meet in Madrid for the UN global climate summit, COP25 – another Global Climate Strike will take place to give added urgency to negotiations.

All over the world, from Hong Kong to Spain to Chile, frustrated young people are taking it upon themselves to shame governments for the lack of action. Last month saw Extinction Rebellion bring together people of all ages, taking over several bridges and public places in the UK – and other major global cities – demanding that politicians take concrete action to address the climate emergency.

For parents, the climate strikes are both hope-giving and heart-breaking. We are proud of our children who are standing up to big, powerful governments but it breaks our hearts to see our children so desperate for us to listen to the science, that they are stepping out of the classrooms, and into the streets, to make themselves heard.

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EurActiv, 29 Nov 2019: The climate crisis is our responsibility, not our children’s