The young people calling time on climate change in Asia Pacific

(Eco Business, 30 Apr 2019) It’s been said that children are the future, but what happens when the next generation of humanity is threatened by environmental degradation? Young people in Asia Pacific are calling for climate action to reclaim their future.

From school strikes to pushing back against corporate greed, not since the Flower Power generation of the 1960s have youths been so unwilling to leave adulting to adults, as climate change promises to compromise their future.

No one embodies this call for action better than Greta Thunberg, the plucky pigtailed 16 year-old from Sweden who has become the face of a global youth climate movement. Capturing hearts the world over for her solo crusade outside the Swedish parliament, she has used her growing clout to petition world leaders for deep and urgent reforms.

Most recently, she called on governments and global organisations to move as swiftly on climate change as they have pledged to rebuild France’s Notre Dame cathedral, which was recently destroyed in a fire.

The youth movement in Asia Pacific is picking up pace as Thunberg’s school strike for climate and the newly minted London-born grassroots environment group Extinction Rebellion inspire action on the ground from Seoul to New Delhi.

But in comparison to these two civil disobedience movements that campaign broadly for climate action, youth movements in Asia Pacific are anchored in local environmental issues such as deforestation in Indonesia or the opening of new coal mines in the Philippines.

Eco-Business takes a look at five groups of young people that are determined to make the future greener.

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Eco Business, 30 Apr 2019: The young people calling time on climate change in Asia Pacific