Trump buildings face millions in climate fines under new New York rules

(The Guardian, 13 May 2019) Exclusive: if Trump Tower and other sites do not cut emissions, Trump Organization will owe $2.1m a year from 2030.

Donald Trump’s reluctance to address climate change is set to cost his business empire millions of dollars in fines levied by New York City due to the amount of pollution emitted by Trump-owned buildings.

According to data shared with the Guardian, eight Trump properties in New York City do not comply with new regulations designed to slash greenhouse gas emissions. This means the Trump Organization is on track to be hit with fines of $2.1m every year from 2030, unless its buildings are made more environmentally friendly.

According to city officials, the president’s eight largest New York properties pump out around 27,000 tons of planet-warming gases every ear, the equivalent of 5,800 cars. The buildings that exceed the new pollution thresholds include Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, and the Trump Building on Wall Street.

The biggest potential offender is Trump International Hotel & Tower, a 583ft skyscraper that looms over the south-west corner of Central Park. The building is on course to be fined $850,871 a year if no improvements are made to its energy efficiency.

The New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, will hold a rally outside Trump Tower on Monday, seeking to highlight the looming penalties.

“President Trump, you’re on notice,” de Blasio said. “Your polluting buildings are part of the problem. Cut your emissions or pay the price.”

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The Guardian, 13 May 2019: Trump buildings face millions in climate fines under new New York rules