Two Greenpeace activists arrested as it sends ship to join BP oil rig protest

(The Guardian, 14 Jun 2019) Group defies court order against Arctic Sunrise supporting occupation of North Sea rig.

Police have arrested two Greenpeace activists who had boarded a North Sea oil rig as the environmental group said it was sending its ship Arctic Sunrise to join the protest in defiance of court orders obtained by BP.

The oil firm has taken out injunctions against the ship and the Greenpeace ice-breaker, the Esperanza, forbidding them from supporting a protest on a rig in Scotland’s Cromarty Firth that is now in its sixth day.

BP said: “Given Greenpeace’s repeated interference and reckless actions directed at our lawful business and their continued illegal defiance for court orders and police action, we have issued the injunction as a precautionary measure to protect the safety of people and operations.”

Police have arrested 14 people over the occupation of the 27,000-tonne rig, five of whom have appeared in court over the last three days.

On Friday evening police removed and arrested the latest pair of activists who had boarded the Paul B Loyd Jr rig at dawn and had been locked to a gantry.

Ch Supt George MacDonald, Highlands and Islands divisional commander, said: “Officers returned to the platform around 2pm and, after deploying specialist tactics to access the area, subsequently arrested a man and woman who had been carrying out a continued protest on the rig. They have since been safely returned to shore by boat.

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The Guardian, 14 Jun 2019: Two Greenpeace activists arrested as it sends ship to join BP oil rig protest