US seeking further block on compensation for climate damage

(Climate Change News, 11 Dec 2019) US proposal would also allow country to remain eligible to sit on governing committee of ‘loss and damage’ talks after it leaves Paris deal.

MADRID – The US government is pushing to ensure it can never be held accountable for the damage caused by climate change in vulnerable countries.

In 2015, countries agreed that references to ‘loss and damage’ in the Paris Agreement would not provide the basis for any liability and compensation.

A US proposal being circulated at Cop25 talks in Madrid, which CHN understands hasn’t yet been formally submitted to the UN, would extend the liability waiver to mentions of loss and damage in decision texts under the UNFCCC convention, the supreme decision-making body at UN Climate Change.

The US position, the text of which CHN has seen, also proposes that all countries, including those not party to Paris, be eligible to serve on the executive committee governing loss and damage negotiations. The White House has formally began the process of pulling the US out of the Paris deal, but the country will remain a member of the UNFCCC.

The move could allow the US to have a say on the governance of the loss and damage mechanism and reflects the US’ intention to continue to wield influence on the talks.

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Climate Change News, 11 Dec 2019: US seeking further block on compensation for climate damage