ACEEE Issues Call to Action on Energy Efficiency

(ACEEE blog, 27 Feb 2020) As ACEEE celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, I am pleased to announce our new Call to Action to aggressively scale up energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. We need to put efficiency at the forefront of our efforts to build a vibrant and equitable economy that reduces energy waste, saves money, creates jobs, and helps those struggling most to pay their bills. And we need to do so quickly.

The climate crisis demands urgent and bold action. In addition to chairing ACEEE’s board, I am a parent to two young boys, and I am concerned about their future. Climate change threatens our global economy, our health and safety, and the ecosystems on which we depend. It disproportionately harms developing nations, low-income communities, and communities of color.

Energy efficiency can make a critical difference. It has a proven track record of slashing energy use and emissions while saving money. In fact, since ACEEE’s founding in 1980, efficiency has halved energy use relative to the size of the US economy, delivering more than $2,000 in annual savings per person. I am proud of the role that ACEEE, with its trusted, high-quality research and policy advocacy, has played in doubling energy productivity. It will continue to lead the way.

Today, ACEEE calls for an acceleration of energy-saving efforts. We need to mobilize at a pace and scale unlike we have seen before. Our research gives us the path forward.We have identified efficiency policies and programs that can halve energy use and emissions by 2050, getting us halfway to US climate goals. But to avoid the worst climate impacts, we need massive emission cuts this decade.

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ACEEE blog, 27 Feb 2020: ACEEE Issues Call to Action on Energy Efficiency