Can crowd investors spur the clean energy transition?

(Eco Business, 2 Jun 2020) Where developers struggle to raise funds, crowdfunding platforms can help clean energy projects get off the ground. But what are the risks involved in such investments, and what should individuals look out for before committing their money?

The rooftop solar modules of Dong Nam Viet Packaging’s factory in south-east Vietnam look nothing out of the ordinary. But what sets the installation apart from most other solar ventures in Southeast Asia, is that it is not backed by local banks or big international lenders. Instead, it was dozens of individuals who chipped in money to bring the project to life.

With climate anxiety on the rise, many citizens are keen to do their part, and a Berlin-based solar crowd investing platform is enabling them to do just that. 

“A lot of people are concerned about climate change and want governments to do much more to address this crisis. By mobilising them and their capital, we can help them become part of the solution,” said Martin Baart, founder and chief executive officer of, which helped to make the installation in Vietnam happen.

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Eco Business, 2 Jun 2020: Can crowd investors spur the clean energy transition?