Climate protesters dig up Cambridge college's lawn

(Reuters, 17 Feb 2020) Extinction Rebellion wants to force governments to cut carbon emissions and avert a climate crisis it says will bring starvation and social collapse

(Adds Trinity's statement)

By Elizabeth Howcroft

LONDON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Extinction Rebellion climate protesters dug up the lawn of Trinity College, Cambridge on Monday, as part of a week-long series of demonstrations in Britain's ancient university town.

The activists dug up the grass in front of the 16th-century "Great Gate", digging channels in the turf with shovels and pitchforks and planting Extinction Rebellion flags.

Trinity had ramped up security measures, closing the college, library and chapel to tourists for the week, so the protesters were not able to access the central "Great Court."

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Reuters, 17 Feb 2020: Climate protesters dig up Cambridge college's lawn