Every street in Paris to be cycle-friendly by 2024, promises mayor

(forbes, 21 Jan 2020) Should she get reelected as Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo plans to turn the French capital into a myriad of neighborhoods where “you can find everything you need within 15 minutes from home.”

But, preferably, not by car. Instead, the Socialist Party politician wants more Parisians to walk and cycle.

Plans for the “city of fifteen minutes”—or, Ville Du Quart D’Heure—were unveiled on January 21 by Hidalgo’s reelection campaign, Paris En Commun.

The plans, which aim to transform Paris into a people-friendly city, build on Hidalgo’s “Plan Vélo” transport changes made during her current term of office, which has included removing space for cars and boosting space for cyclists and pedestrians.

Hidalgo unveiled more people-first plans for Paris during a huntings hosted in a bike shop on January 28, including for every street in the French capital to have a cycle path, and for all of the city’s bridges to have protected cycleways.

“If you liked Season 1 [of Plan Vélo] , you will love Season 2,” she insisted.

On January 29, Hidalgo revealed that the space required to make Paris cyclist-friendly would mostly come at the expense of motoring. Under her plans Paris will remove 72% of its on-street car parking spaces.

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forbes, 21 Jan 2020: Every street in Paris to be cycle-friendly by 2024, promises mayor