Ma Jun: ‘We’re at a crossroads for environmental protection’

(Eco Business, 23 Mar 2020) Green pioneer Ma Jun talks to China Dialogue about new top-level plans to modernise China’s environmental governance.

In the next five years, China will overhaul its environmental governance to deliver a system that is “clear in its direction”, “scientific in decision making”, “strong in enforcement”, “effective in its incentives” and “wide in participation”, according to guidance issued on 3 March by the Central Committee and the State Council.

The guidelines follow a call from the Central Committee last November to “promote the modernisation of China’s governance systems and capacities”. They are built around the principles of leadership by the Party, multi-stakeholder governance, market orientation and law-based governance, and include 28 key points for reform across seven fields including government supervision, corporate responsibility and public participation.

To avoid making the old mistake of relaxing protections for the sake of a boost to the economy we need to… make more use of the market and public oversight.”

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Eco Business, 23 Mar 2020: Ma Jun: ‘We’re at a crossroads for environmental protection’