Spain finally sends 2030 climate plan to Brussels

(EurActiv, 6 Apr 2020) The Spanish government has submitted its energy and climate plan for 2030 to the European Commission, three months after the deadline, while five EU countries, including France, still need to turn in their strategies.

Spain’s national energy and climate plan (NECP) sets a target of 23% greenhouse gas emissions cuts by the end of the decade, compared with 1990 levels. The strategy insists that will put it on the right path to going carbon neutral by 2050.

Each EU member state was obliged to submit a final version of their NECPs to the Commission by January, so that officials could start crunching the climate numbers for the bloc’s overall strategy.

The EU executive intends to ratchet up the current 40% cuts target to between 50 and 55% but an ongoing impact study on costs will be incomplete without final data from all 27 countries.

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EurActiv, 6 Apr 2020: Spain finally sends 2030 climate plan to Brussels