Sports need to do more to combat climate change - lobby group

(Reuters News, 20 Jan 2020) While sports organisations are adapting to extreme weather with new policies to deal with severe heat, they need to address the causes of climate change including looking at their sponsors, says Australian Conservation Foundation.

The bushfire smoke that hampered the buildup to the Australian Open highlights the need for Tennis Australia to be doing much more to combat climate change, the country's national environmental lobby group said.

The Australian Open, the season opening Grand Slam, started at Melbourne Park on Monday.

"I know that people say that you should keep sports and politics separate, but that has never been the case," the Australian Conservation Foundation's Climate Change Program Manager Gavan McFadzean told Reuters.

"Sports organisations (need) to be more vocal in pushing for the climate change action that is needed."

The ACF commissioned researchers at Monash University to examine the effects of climate change on three high-profile sports events held in Australia's summer. The 'Love 40, Degrees?' report, looking at the Australian Open, was released on Monday.

Although Tennis Australia has committed to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework, that was not enough, McFadzean said.

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Reuters News, 20 Jan 2020: Sports need to do more to combat climate change - lobby group