The green compromise in the Austrian Airlines bailout

(EurActiv, 10 Jun 2020) Austrian Airlines finally secured a government aid deal, after weeks of talks. For the Greens, who are in a governing coalition in Austria for the first time, it was a difficult litmus test: how do you reconcile an airline bailout with climate protection? EURACTIV Germany reports.

Hermann Weratschnig, transport spokesperson for the Greens, is satisfied with the result “in many areas, in some less”, he said in an interview.

Greenpeace Austria described some achievements as “basically positive” but overall a “historic opportunity has been missed”, the group’s climate spokesperson, Jasmin Duregger, told EURACTIV Germany.

Austrian Airlines (AUA) will receive a total of €600 million, €150 million of which will come from its parent company, German airline Lufthansa. Another €150 million will be direct subsidies from Austrian taxpayers. The remaining €300 million will come from Austrian banks, but up to 90% is secured by the state.

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EurActiv, 10 Jun 2020: The green compromise in the Austrian Airlines bailout