What comes after Horizon 2020? Commission opens online public consultation

(20 Mar 2020) The European Commission has launched an online consultation to seek input on the future content and implementation of the LIFE programme (2021-2027) that will succeed the Horizon 2020 programme. The consultation will be open until 27 April 2020.

Market uptake activities currently funded under the Energy Challenge of Horizon 2020 will continue under LIFE, in a Clean Energy Transition sub-programme.

According to the Commission, LIFE will be the only EU funding programme dedicated exclusively to environment, climate and energy. During the next programming period (2021-2027) LIFE aims to support Europe to deliver on those priorities, by contributing to:

• The shift towards a circular, energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy;
• The protection and improvement of the quality of the environment;
• Halting and reversing biodiversity loss and tackling the degradation of ecosystems.

View here for more information on the future of funding for energy efficiency projects after 2020.