Next German government aims for coal exit in 2030

(EurActiv, 25 Nov 2021) The new German government has agreed to pull forward the country’s coal exit, “ideally” to 2030 from 2038, and rapidly speed up the rollout of renewables, reported CLEW.

 The “traffic light coalition” formed by the social democrat SPD, the Greens, and the business-friendly FDP, must deliver on the parties’ key climate policy promise to get on an emissions reduction path compatible with the 1.5°C-degree global warming limit of the Paris Agreement.

The coalition has agreed to speed up the country’s coal exit and accelerate the rollout of renewable power to get the country on track for climate neutrality.

“We will align our climate, energy and economic policies nationally, in Europe and internationally with the 1.5 degree path and activate the potential at all levels of government,” states the coalition agreement.

“With ambition and perseverance, we are making the country a pioneer in climate protection,” SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz said during the treaty’s presentation in Berlin on 24 November.

He added that “modernisation won’t be for free – we will invest massively so Germany can stay a world leader.”

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EurActiv, 25 Nov 2021: Next German government aims for coal exit in 2030