Off-limit new diesel cars evade European city bans

(EurActiv, 14 Mar 2018) The vast majority of new diesel-powered vehicles that don’t meet EU emission limits still manage to escape low emission zones or diesel bans in European cities, according to new research published today (14 March).

More than 90% of new Euro 6 diesels currently on sale are exempt from the restrictions, despite evidence showing they often exceed EU air pollution limits, according to new research by green NGO Transport & Environment (T&E).

Earlier research by T&E found new Euro 6 diesel engines exceed EU nitrogen oxide (NOx) limits by 4 to 5 times on average, while some models were off-limit by up to 10 times, said the study, which singled out Renault, Fiat and Opel models as the worst culprits.

Some Euro 6 vehicles even emit more NOx on the road than Euro 4 and 5 cars that are banned, the study pointed out.

“One of the key weaknesses of the low emission zones and car restrictions in cities is the blanket exemption of mostly dirty Euro 6 diesels,” said Julia Poliscanova, clean vehicles manager with T&E.

“Unless carmakers properly fix these dirty diesels, cities are left with no other option but keep them out of city centres,” she said in a statement.

To be effective, Poliscanova said vehicle restrictions should be based on real-world emission tests that are now widely available and compulsory.

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EurActiv, 14 Mar 2018: Off-limit new diesel cars evade European city bans