Our food system is broken. Here’s how we fix it

(Climate Change News, 7 Nov 2019) Comment: Transforming how we use land represents a $4.5 trillion per year business opportunity, we must now find the political courage to act.

The world today is filled with a daunting array of seemingly intractable problems — from widening inequality, to massive loss of species, to runaway climate change, to a breakdown in the rules-based international order.

Fixing our broken food system is not one of them.

In fact, addressing the core issues at the heart of our food challenge offers an enormous opportunity to tackle many of the broader risks we face. And it also makes good business sense. Collectively, we have the tools, the resources and the know-how — we just need to summon the political will and courage to act.

2020 will be a decisive year for the Paris climate accord and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, culminating in a series of global meetings on climate and biodiversity.

Fixing our broken food system can inject renewed energy and momentum into our quest for a more inclusive and sustainable economy. CEOs in the food and agriculture sector have a key role to play in driving courageous leadership — or risk reaping the consequences of current “business as usual”.

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Climate Change News, 7 Nov 2019: Our food system is broken. Here’s how we fix it