Parliament lawmakers raise e-fuels targets in bid to boost market

(15 Jul 2022) Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s industry committee voted Wednesday (13 July) to more than double the 2030 target for fuels produced from green electricity in the transport sector, a move aimed at bolstering the fledgling electro-fuels market.

Industry committee MEPs want the 2.6% target tabled by the European Commission to be reached by 2028, with the minimum share increasing to 5.7% of transport energy by 2030.

Lawmakers also introduced a 1.2% synthetic fuel target for the maritime sector by 2030 – a measure absent from the Commission’s proposal.

The higher quotas for so-called “Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin” (RFNBOs) were introduced in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, which is currently being revised to align with the bloc’s higher climate goals for 2030.

Quotas for RFNBOs are designed to “strengthen the market” for electrofuels – such as hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic hydrocarbons like e-kerosene – said German conservative lawmaker Markus Pieper who is the Parliament’s lead MEP on the revised directive.

Renewable hydrogen and carbon-neutral synthetic fuels are seen as key to decarbonising the hard-to-abate aviation and maritime sectors. However, they are currently produced in paltry quantities, making them next to impossible to purchase commercially.

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, 15 Jul 2022: Parliament lawmakers raise e-fuels targets in bid to boost market