Philippines announces moratorium on new coal power

(Eco Business, 28 Oct 2020) Philippine energy secretary Alfonso Cusi said the country will no longer accept applications for new coal power plants. What does this mean for the Southeast Asian nation estimated to have the biggest coal appetite in the region?

The Philippine government will no longer approve applications for the new construction of coal-fired power plants, the country’s energy chief Alfonso Cusi announced on Tuesday (27 October).

The moratorium is based on a recent review of the country’s energy requirements, which sought a “resilient and flexible” power mix amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Cusi, the Philippines’ energy secretary, said at a conference that was part the 13th Singapore International Energy Week.

“While we have initially embraced a technology-neutral policy, our periodic assesment of our country’s energy requirements is paving the way for innovative adaptations in our policy directions,” he said in a pre-recorded speech. “We are also pushing for the transition from oil-based technology utilisation to cleaner energy sources, which includes liquified natural gas, to ensure more sustainable growth for the country.”

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Eco Business, 28 Oct 2020: Philippines announces moratorium on new coal power