PM to put nuclear power at heart of UK’s energy strategy

(The Guardian, 6 Apr 2022) Plan will not please environmental campaigners, who say it fails to meet government’s net-zero targets.

Boris Johnson is to put nuclear energy at the heart of the UK’s new energy strategy, but ministers have refused to set targets for onshore wind and vowed to continue the exploitation of North Sea oil and gas.

Amid deep divisions among senior Conservatives, the strategy will enrage environmentalists, who say the government’s plans are in defiance of its own net-zero targets and neglect alternative measures that experts say would provide much quicker relief from high energy bills.

The prime minister will launch the plan on Thursday, after a period of intense political wrangling set against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has convulsed energy markets and sent home energy bills rocketing.

Whitehall sources said rows over the strategy between No 10, the Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) continued right up until the eve of publication, with an insider describing the process as “chaos”.

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The Guardian, 6 Apr 2022: PM to put nuclear power at heart of UK’s energy strategy