'Renewable revolution': Queensland to put $500m into clean energy fund

(The Guardian, 8 Sep 2020) State government says money will hasten new renewable projects as it announces additional $1bn economic stimulus package

The Queensland government has announced a $500m renewable energy fund – to build publicly-owned wind and solar projects – as a centrepiece of its post-pandemic economic recovery plan.

The announcement marks one of Australia’s first significant green recoveryprojects, amid calls for state and federal governments to use the coronavirus economic reconstruction to reset the nation’s fraught climate and energy politics.

On Monday, the Queensland treasurer, Cameron Dick, announced an additional $1bn economic stimulus package.

Half would be invested into local projects by the state’s fund manager, the Queensland Investment Corporation. The other half would pay for state-owned energy companies to increase public ownership of the pipeline of renewable projects.

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The Guardian, 8 Sep 2020: 'Renewable revolution': Queensland to put $500m into clean energy fund