Romania’s pretext for not taking steps to reduce energy consumption slammed

(EurActiv, 28 Mar 2024) Romania’s justification for not implementing measures to reduce energy consumption in recent years, as other EU countries have done, is not convincing, argues Energia Inteligentă, a Romanian professional energy association.

In 2022, EU countries reached a political agreement to voluntarily reduce gas demand by 15% (equivalent to 45 billion cubic metres, BCM) by spring 2023, which was exceeded by an 18% reduction (53 BCM), to which all sectors contributed, the association said.

While the EU reduction initiative has been extended twice, first until March 2024 and most recently until March 2025, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia decided not to implement any voluntary energy reduction measures.

However, Romania’s justification for the decision, which cites the relatively low level of electricity consumption per capita compared to other European countries, is “completely wrong”, according to the experts at Energia Inteligentă.

According to them, this is “because the low level of consumption is due to the energy poverty in Romania and inadequate environmental conditions affecting approximately 39% of the population”.

Even going forward, Romania currently has no plans to reduce its gas consumption.

Romania aims to maintain or even increase gas usage, counting on its domestic production sources to meet demand, particularly after the Neptun Deep gas field begins production in 2027, making Romania the EU’s leading gas producer, Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja said after the Council decision in March.

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EurActiv, 28 Mar 2024: Romania’s pretext for not taking steps to reduce energy consumption slammed