Russian gas supplies to EU drop via all routes, except TurkStream

(EurActiv, 19 Jul 2022) Russian gas supplies have dropped via major routes, including via Ukraine and Belarus and through Nord Stream 1 under the Baltic Sea. The only route unaffected brings gas now exclusively to Russia’s European friends – Serbia and Hungary.

Gazprom has not booked gas transit capacity for exports via the Yamal-Europe pipeline for August, auction results showed on Monday (18 July).

Russian gas accounts for some 40% in European gas market, while Yamal – Europe pipeline usually accounts for about 15% of Russia’s westbound supply of gas to Europe and Turkey.

Yamal doesn’t run across Ukraine, but across Belarus, to Poland and Germany.

Also, Gazprom has also not booked additional gas transit capacity via the Sudzha crossing point into Ukraine for August, or via Velke Kapusany on the Slovakia-Ukraine border for the same period.

Ukraine has remained a major transit route for Russian gas to Europe even after Moscow launched what it calls a “special military operation” in the country on 24 February.

The transit point Ukraine shut usually handles about 8% of Russian gas flows to Europe, although European states said they were still receiving supplies. The Ukraine corridor mostly sends gas to Austria, Italy, Slovakia and other east European states.

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EurActiv, 19 Jul 2022: Russian gas supplies to EU drop via all routes, except TurkStream