SEAD Connected Efficiency Award Winners

(eceee news, 13 Nov 2017) The winners of SEAD 2017 Connected Efficiency Award were announced 7 November 2017. SEAD organized the Award, in collaboration with the Connected Devices Alliance (CDA) and the IEA 4E’s Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA).

Network-connected electronic devices reach today all corners of the world and require near-constant electrical energy to remain connected. Communications between connected devices rely on communications protocols, and these have a significant influence on energy use.

The deployment of energy efficient protocols, or in some cases the optional energy efficient aspects within protocol suites, can considerably reduce the energy used for device connectivity.

The SEAD Connected Efficiency Award recognizes energy efficient communications protocols and their authors to identify energy efficient protocols in the market, increase their use in mains-powered connected devices, and spur innovation among protocols developers.

Winners were as follows:

IEEE Std 1905.1a™-2014 IEEE Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies

Zigbee Protocols: PRO, Green Power, 3.0


Energy Efficient Ethernet (originally IEEE 802.3az but now just part of IEEE 802.3)

ECMA-393 “proxZzzy™ for sleeping hosts

Since 2012, SEAD's Global Efficiency Medal has spotlighted innovative new technologies that can push the boundaries of efficiency and reduce energy consumption, with competitions for televisions, computer displays, electric motors, and lighting products.

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