Security tops Germans' priorities for energy supply, followed by climate protection – survey

(Clean Energy Wire, 3 Jul 2023) People in Germany rank security as their top priority when it comes to energy supply, according to a survey by consultancy EY. The majority (61%) of those surveyed ranked energy supply security first in EY’s Energy Report, up from 45 percent in a previous survey in March.

Environmental and climate protection, ranked second, gained importance in Germany for the first time since the start of the energy crisis, according to the results. Twenty-five percent of respondents marked it as their top priority, an increase of eight percentage points compared to the survey in March. Price, on the other hand, seems to play lesser role for consumers: 14 percent of those surveyed considered it the most important factor, down from 38 percent in March.

While price has come down in importance, only a third (33%) of respondents expect energy prices to remain affordable, and 85 percent expect heating costs to rise as a result of the heating transition, which is currently being heavily debated. “Citizens are aware of the importance of the energy and heat transition, and the acceptance for renewable energies is there,” Andreas Siebel, head of the energy and natural resources sector at EY, said. Of those surveyed, 79 percent say they agree with wind energy, solar plants, and power lines being constructed in their immediate vicinity if it is necessary for the security of supply (compared to 82% in March). Eighty-six percent say they regularly save energy. However, there are limits, Siebel added: “When it comes to their own wallets regarding heating replacement, the population does not want to be left alone with the costs and expects support from the government.” The consultancy interviewed around 1,000 people in May to gain an overview of consumer opinion on energy policy.

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Clean Energy Wire, 3 Jul 2023: Security tops Germans' priorities for energy supply, followed by climate protection – survey