Siemens on track for long-range hydrogen-powered trains

(Reuters, 2 Dec 2021) Hydrogen-powered train technology will be trialed by manufacturer Siemens next year in hope of making a significant contribution to environmental goals.

Hydrogen-powered trains with ranges of up to 1,000 km are being trialled by Germany's Siemens which sees them as a emissions free solution on routes without overhead power cables.

Trains which use hydrogen to charge an onboard battery extend the range from around 100 km for battery only-trains, making them viable for long distance routes without overhead lines, Michael Peter, head of Siemens Mobility, said.

"We have the tools in our hands in transportation to reduce emissions to zero, and then you cannot just talk about the cheapest operating cost," said Peter. "You have to talk about the cost of allowing CO2 into the atmosphere which is gigantic."

Hydrogen-powered are also cheaper and quicker to introduce than hydrogen trucks because they do not need a broad network of fuel stations to support them, Peter said in an interview for the Reuters Next conference.

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Reuters, 2 Dec 2021: Siemens on track for long-range hydrogen-powered trains