Singapore floats wireless charging and battery swaps at sea concepts for marine logistics

(Eco Business, 18 Mar 2022) A new industry-led alliance will be investing over S$20 million over the next 10 years to decarbonise the sector's supply chain . It will first roll out a small fleet of custom-built electric harbour crafts.

As Singapore rejuvenates its fleet of diesel-powered, low-tech harbour craft with new, fully-electric ones, its marine logistics sector is investing in new coastal and offshore wireless charging capabilities to ensure that the new vessels can refuel quickly. 

Battery swapping, an idea that has just begun to pick up pace in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, is also being considered as an option, even as the technologies for doing so at sea have not yet matured. Industry players told Eco-Business that existing platforms are too expensive, but companies with energy storage and battery development expertise are being roped in to test out prototypes that are safe and more cost-effective for local coastal marine use. 

The series of proposals are part of a strategic blueprint that the Coastal Sustainability Alliance, a new industry-led group unveiled on Monday. More than S$20 million (US$14.7 million) will be invested to revamp Singapore’s coastal logistics system, to accelerate the sector’s decarbonisation and electrification efforts. 

The alliance envisions a comprehensive network of nearshore e-charging points to be built along the Singapore coastline. Later this year, it will reveal the design concept of a fleet of 10 custom-built electric vessels that is expected to gradually phase out the country’s current 1,600 harbour craft used to deliver supplies from shore to ship. The 10 vessels will be deployed by 2025. 

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Eco Business, 18 Mar 2022: Singapore floats wireless charging and battery swaps at sea concepts for marine logistics