Solar and battery storage: A clean solution to a dirty problem

(Eco Business, 27 Nov 2019) Revolution is possible in the next few years to develop products and business models that can replace privately operated back-up generators at scale.

You can hear—and smell—them everywhere you go in the world’s poorest countries. Diesel-burning back-up generators wail through neighborhoods at all hours, cough noxious pollutants into the air, and account for a disproportionate amount of consumers’ spending on electricity.

For decades, back-up generators have been the only real alternative to unreliable electric grids.

But what was once thought to be a temporary response to developing countries’ inadequate infrastructure has become a common feature of life in many parts of the world. Almost one billion people globally do not have access to electricity and a billion more have only intermittent service from broken grids.

As a result, many communities live almost entirely on dirty, noisy, dangerous, and expensive generators as their primary source of electricity.

The costs—to economic growth, the environment, and citizens’ health—are enormous. They are also increasingly unnecessary.

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Eco Business, 27 Nov 2019: Solar and battery storage: A clean solution to a dirty problem