‘Super-tipping points’ could trigger cascade of climate action

(The Guardian, 19 Jan 2023) Small interventions on electric cars and plant-based meat could unlock rapid emissions cuts, say experts.

Three “super-tipping points” for climate action could trigger a cascade of decarbonisation across the global economy, according to a report.

Relatively small policy interventions on electric cars, plant-based alternatives to meat and green fertilisers would lead to unstoppable growth in those sectors, the experts said.

But the boost this would give to battery and hydrogen production would mean crucial knock-on benefits for other sectors including energy storage and aviation.

Urgent emissions cuts are needed to avoid irreversible climate breakdownand the experts say the super-tipping points are the fastest way to drive global action, offering “plausible hope” that a rapid transition to a green economy can happen in time.

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The Guardian, 19 Jan 2023: ‘Super-tipping points’ could trigger cascade of climate action