Teachers want climate crisis training, poll shows

(The Guardian, 21 Jun 2019) Survey says teachers feel ill-equipped to educate pupils, as school strikes continue.

A growing number of teachers want their pupils to learn more about the climate crisis and are calling for environmental training so they can prepare children for a rapidly changing world, according to a poll.

The findings from YouGov research commissioned by Oxfam come before the latest round of school climate strikes on Friday, in which it is expected that hundreds of thousands of young people will walk out of classrooms around the world.

Noga Levy-Rapoport, from the UK Student Climate Network, said the results showed teachers and students agreed there needed to be a radical overhaul of the education system in response to the climate crisis.

“It’s clear that our education system isn’t fit for purpose to equip us for the future we’re inheriting,” she said. “As things stand our generation is being led down a dark tunnel toward increasingly severe climate breakdown and uncertainty. That’s why we’re calling for radical change to centre the climate crisis as an educational priority.”

More than two-thirds of teachers polled said there should be more teaching in UK schools about climate change, while three-quarters did not feel they had received adequate training to educate students on the subject. Around 70% agreed radical change was needed to make the education system “fit for the times we live in”.

School strikes are due to take place in 80 towns and cities in the UK, with tens of thousands of students expected to take part. Meanwhile, up to 10,000 climate strike leaders from across Europe will gather in Aachen, Germany, for a pan-European rally.

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The Guardian, 21 Jun 2019: Teachers want climate crisis training, poll shows